eBank Version 1.0

eBankÆ avoids problems with the downloading, installation and configuration of banking client modules. Works as a shell for new modules that have been assigned to the customer. Allows to assign a particular module to a client and prepared its configuration for each client in advance.

eBankÆ will let you:

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Reduce time and efforts in installing each client banking application according to his needs.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Transfer secured information between your clients and your bank server.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Automate module updating.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Your customers can work offline to use the banking application saving them connection time and slow web applications.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Allow your Information Technology Staff to create new banking modules by themselves.

Æ is divided in two modules:

eBankÆ Client
eBankÆ Server

These applications have been developed using the Java ™ Programming Language, offering the following advantages:

  • Operating system independent: It can be installed in Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Mac O/S, Unix, Linux, etc.

  • Internet Ready: Transfer your client information in a secure encrypted connection.

  • Latest technology for Network Solutions.

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eBankÆClient is the one that allows your clients to use the Banking Modules assigned to them by your Bank. Each client get the modules already configured for them, they don't have to know how to set up the modules.

eBankÆClient is a full graphic interface to ease your client work. It transfer your client information in a secured connection to avoid any security threat on the internet.

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eBankÆ Server assigns a particular module to a client and prepared its configuration for each client in advance.

eBankÆ Server main functions are to assign modules to clients and configure them with enough information to be installed in the right way for each client. By examples two client get the same saving module but for each client have a different account.

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