eProfileÆ allows you to reduce company's expenses in training by detecting your personnel deficiencies. It will also suggest the best training plan for each member of your staff, based on the company's goals and critical areas.

eProfileÆ will let you:

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Generate the training plans for your personnel, according to your company's budget reality, using the eProfileÆ Administrator module.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Automate the diagnose process by applying tests designed by your own, using the eProfileÆ Builder module.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Know the training plans' costs for each member of your staff.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Keep track of all personnel training plans, considering also the training phases that haven't been accomplished.
BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Reduce time and effort in detecting training needs.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Broad the action field of the diagnose process by letting your staff taking the tests through the Intranet/Internet by using the eProfileÆViewer Applet.

BlueBall.gif (924 bytes) Control and centralize the diagnose process.

Æ is divided in three modules:

eProfileÆ Builder
eProfileÆ Administrator
eProfileÆ Viewer

These applications have been developed using the Java™ Programming Language, offering the following advantages:

  • Operating system independent: It can be installed in Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Mac O/S, Unix, Linux, etc.

  • Intranet/Internet Ready: To run in any browser with a Java's Core and/or the Java Plug-In™ . (Example. Internet Explorer, Netscape Communicator, etc.).

  • Latest technology for Network Solutions.


eProfileÆ Builder is used to define the evaluations or tests the company wants to apply to the employees.

eProfileÆ Builder is a visual tool thathelps to create what is called a "Diagnose Instrument". A Diagnose Instrument is shaped by a series of logical divisions in which you assemble a group of questions. Each one of this group of questions determine the knowledge a person has about an specificsubject.

Additionally, Instruments stores information related with training plans, oriented to reinforce knowledge weakness. The system can generate a variety of reports with information of costs and training plans.

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eProfileÆ Administrator is the piece of the system that controls and manage the instruments application. This module also generate reports with information about the training plans.

One of the Administrator¥s main functions, is to register users on the system and give them access to the tests (Diagnose Instruments) created on the eProfileÆ Builder.

The eProfileÆ Administrator is based on handling "Groups" to classify participants. Groups are constituted with some participants that are related somehow, in a knowledge area , as for example, the department where they belong to, or the area of work to accomplish a task.

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eProfileÆ Viewer is the one that allows Users to take the Diagnostic Instruments, assigned to them by their Administrator. The Users can see their own information, a resume about their test with the number of answered questions, outstanding questions, end date, expiration date, etc. and the Diagnosis Instruments that they have to take. eProfileÆ Viewer build the tests based on the Instrument, so each User gets a different test.

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Java™ is a registered trademark by Oracle and Sun Microsystems, Inc.
eProfile® and eBank® are registered products by jactive Corporacion, C.A.