Jactive is focused on system consulting and support for computing solutions, based on the Java ™ platform created by Sun Microsystems, Inc. We provide Software and Hardware solutions for the Internet, Intranets and Extranets.

Thanks to our products eProfileÆ and eBankÆ we have appeared in the Customer Success History by Sun Microsystems. To find out more details go to www.javasoft.com

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eProfileÆ allows you to reduce company's expenses in training by detecting your personnel deficiencies. It will also suggest the best training plan for each member of your staff, based on the company's goals and critical areas.

eProfileÆ will let you:

Generate the training plans for your personnel, according to your company's budget reality, using the eProfileÆ Administrator module.

Automate the diagnose process by applying tests designed by your own, using the eProfileÆBuilder module. Know the training plans' costs for each member of your staff.

Keep track of all personnel training plans, considering also the training phases that haven't been accomplished.

Reduce time and effort in detecting training needs.

Broad the action field of the diagnose process by letting your staff taking the tests through the Intranet/Internet by using the eProfileÆ Viewer Applet.

Control and centralize the diagnose process.

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